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Payments are due on the day of the appointment.




Externally sourced investigations such as MRI, CT and ultrasound scans are non-refundable once they have been paid for on the day of referral.


These investigation requests involve the following work and processes once a patient decides that they would like to request the investigation:


1. Regent Street Clinic™ doctor contacts the private hospital to discuss the specific case with the consultant radiologist/specialist.


2. Regent Street Clinic™ doctor completes a formal request form/types up a letter with history of the complaint with any relevant clinical findings, results etc attached.


3. Regent Street Clinic™ administration staff forward the referral to the local private hospital by fax / special delivery / taxi.


4. Regent Street Clinic™ uses its service level agreement and practicing privileges at the local private hospital to allocate a consultant radiologist to the case with dedicate time commitment made to complete the request at the earliest available time slot.


5. Regent Street Clinic™ pays the local private hospital directly for the diagnostics costs and manages the individual case with interpretation of the results, follow up with the patient and devising the subsequent management plan all important post investigation stages.




Blood tests and other laboratory investigations (such as urine tests, stool tests and swab cultures) are non refundable once the samples have been taken and paid for.


Our samples are forwarded to the laboratory by post or courier immediately to get the results back as quickly as possible.




Vaccine courses paid for in advance are non-refundable. 

Once a decision has been made to commence vaccination, Regent Street Clinic™ is then responsible for ensuring supply of the specific vaccines, which are ordered in advance, usually on the day.


We do not expect to be told later on that people have decided to get the doses elsewhere.


Refunds will not be given for non-completion of courses. Our clinics offer a very flexible booking arrangement and we will be able to accomodate travellers on evenings and at weekends if necessary.


Anti-malarial medication is non-refundable once the medication has been taken off site.




All private medicals such as OGUK medicals, pre-employment medicals, aviation/cabin crew medicals etc are paid for in advance of the appointment and are non-refundable. These appointments are allocated to private physicians/doctors whose time is then dedicated to that appointment slot.


Non-attendance for any reason will result in a need to re-book and pay for another appointment.




All medication supplied on site, such as antibiotics and anti-malarials are non refundable once purchased and taken off-site.





Aesthetics treatments such as Botox® anti-wrinkle treatment, dermal fillers, lip fillers, APRP and PDO threads are non-refundable once the treatment has been undertaken.


The consent forms for these aesthetics treatments clearly state that there is NO PROMISE of a satisfactory or pleasing result. Rather our doctors will be using their experience and clinical acumen to provide the best possible treatment to the best of their ability, with a patient satisfaction rate grading the experience and overall result at the clinic as "very good or excellent" in over 96% of treatments undertaken across the clinic group.


A 'top up" anti-wrinkle treatment may be offered at the doctor's discretion. Our aim is for service users to be delighted with their results, however we are very careful to manage expectations, hence the thorough pre-treatment consultation.


There is no "top up" for PDO threads or dermal filler treatments, including lip augmentation. Any further required treatment will naturally need to be paid for.


Any issues relating to facial aesthetics work at Regent Street Clinic™ needs to be highlighted within three months of having the work undertaken. In this time-frame we will be sympathetic to the issues raised and will be aiming to correct any deficiencies and to leave our patients delighted with their results with their expectations met or bettered.


We do not correct the work of non-Regent Street Clinic™ practitioners.


HYALASE filler dissolver costs £150 and may or may not be offered, this is at the clinical discretion of the treating clinician.



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