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Just Wanted To Say Thanks

Please may I leave a note about how grateful we are for the truly excellent service – and excellent medicine – we have received from Regent Street Clinic in the last week. I became extremely ill with symptoms that had been getting worse for over a year, and I felt needed a second opinion. To put his reputation in perspective, Dr Bobby was recommended to me by a retired GP! So, my husband scooped me up and presented me to him, with a giant question mark over my head. I am always a puzzle to doctors, because I can be very ill whilst having near-normal bloods. I couldn’t imagine that a doctor who had only just met me would be able to get to the bottom of something so serious so quickly – but, like a medical Sherlock Holmes, he did, and I feel it is no exaggeration to say that Dr Bobby has saved my life. He was very determined to make me better. If you are suffering from symptoms that won’t go away, and feel a lot sicker than your various tests are indicating, Regent Street Clinic is the place to come. I have autoimmune problems, and he spotted that I had acquired another. It’s very specialised work, but Dr Bobby was completely on my wavelength, and au fait with the vast literature. His knowledge was right up-to-the-minute, and encyclopaedic. It was very impressive.

The business of being able to access the newest tests is a very important point. Regent Street Clinic can provide tests that are not universally available on the NHS. So if you have been going round and round in circles with your current investigations or treatment, it would definitely be worth asking Dr Bobby to review things. I later found that the tests he carried out were the most modern and effective tests available for my condition. Dr Bobby is very keen to give you definitive answers, because clarity reduces much of the worry. I admire that he didn’t just test willy-nilly. He tested intelligently; for the most obvious things first, and then following other testing pathways as the results started to indicate. This was a great money saver for me, as I am funding my own private consultations. And, put simply, he knows all the best people. He asked an eminent consultant to consider my results at one point, which was very helpful. He also uses what I believe to be the nicest medical facilities in the area. His clinic arranged a scan for me at the Nottingham Hospital, which was quick, easy to get to, and efficient. I didn’t have to wait at all.

Dr Bobby is an extraordinarily nice person, which immediately makes you feel better. He does not mind how many questions you ask, and explains everything in very clear, non-patronising terms. He is kind, has a good sense of humour, and although very busy will go out of his way to make himself available to his patients. Regent Street Clinic is a nice place to visit. There is even reasonable parking, considering it’s in the centre of Nottingham. The staff are all very pleasant – a world apart from the busy receptionists you may be used to! We had previously taken my elderly mum-in-law to see him, and it was a joy to behold how he treated her. She was extremely poorly. He was very tender, and treated her with the utmost care and respect.

I wouldn’t hesitate to consult Dr Bobby again. I would trust him implicitly to sort out whatever was ailing me or any member of my family. Yes, he is a private doctor, so, no, it’s not free. But what you get for your money from this clinic can barely be counted. It’s actually very comforting just knowing he’s there. My family can’t thank him enough, and we can’t recommend him highly enough. Alison L, 17/05/13


Super treatment at Regent Street Clinic

Really wanted to some leave feedback on the great experience i have had over the past 4 weeks since I first visited Regent Street Clinic in Nottingham to have some botox on my forehead. Obviously I was nervous beforehand, having never had any treatment before, but the co-ordinator called Kirsty was experienced, very friendly and completely put my mind at ease. She talked through the procedures at length and made it clear that there was no need to have any further treatment if it wasn't needed (even though I'd originally gone to have my eyes and frown lines too which she said were OK). The aftercare was excellent and I returned to have a review 2 weeks later and was given a free top-up of the botox as a "tweak" and the result has been subtle and fabulous! At least 6 of my friends have already been in for botox too, the fact it is run by doctors gave me reassurance and the whole experience was professional, meticulous, well co-ordinated and to be thoroughly recommended 200%. By Billie J. 21/12/14

Kindness from all the staff at Regent Street Clinic, Derby

I attended the travel clinic in Derby to get my vaccinations for a VSO mission to Killifi in Kenya for 3 months and was pleasantly surprised by the interest shown in my planned charity work by the doctor and indeed the whole team. They invited me to their Nottingham headquarters where I gave a presentation on my planned charitable activities and the work of the VSO in general. Regent Street Clinic helped me to raise some of the money needed to go on the trip and made a staff donation which was very kind and much appreciated. Thank you so much once again and I'll be back around Easter to feed back on how it all went. By Lauren G. 18/12/14

Honest, professional and worth every penny

Just wanted to say a big thank-you to the team at Regent St Clinic in Nottingham following my visit last week with my mother. The expertise, professionalism, attention to detail and above all CARE that we received was exceptional, as was the speed with which her problem was sorted out. Yes we had to pay privately but the end result meant it was genuinely worth every penny. An honest, top-drawer clinic that I have recommended already to friends and family. Well done! By Tom B. 2/12/2014

Fantastic doctor

This is an excellent private clinic and was very reassuring for me when I needed a quick answer (it also has the dishiest doctor in Nottingham!). Highly recommended, not expensive and easy to find, with lots of time to explore all the issues. This is just what we've been after in Nottingham. By Sonia J. 24/08/14

Just Brilliant!

Quick, efficient, friendly, stylish, modern and flexible - JUST BRILLIANT! By Julie B 3/2/2015

Super medical care

This clinic is the best kept secret in Nottingham. Even though it is a private clinic, the doctor told me I didn't need any further tests etc and instead was very ressuring that my symptoms would settle on their own (which they did!).He spent 40 minutes with me in a relaxing environment that felt non-clinical and spoke in a down to earth manner. Great value at £45 and highly recommended. (The bonus was that the doctor was a bit of alright!) By Lauren B. 20/09/13

Motocirca - Round the World

I'm off travelling the world next year so the TravelDoc is the perfect place for your jabs. The time to suit you, and all over in a matter of minutes. He's also going to sponsor one of my charities - what a star! By Dennis G. 08/12/13

MRI madness....

...a 6-9 month wait for an MRI scan (of my back) on the NHS, versus 2 DAYS !!privately, as arranged by Regent Street Clinic. The discounted price because I didn't have health insurance meant I could afford the scan and still do the Xmas shopping!! - great way to bypass long waits ... By Samantha W. 01/12/13

Diamond service 

I was lucky to find this diamond of a clinic in Nottingham when I was visiting some friends recently (I live in Berlin, Germany). Its strength is definitely the outstanding service, they made me feel like mine was the most important problem in the world and went out of their way to make me feel looked after and cared for at a frightening time. I'm going to send an invitation to come to Berlin to repay my thanks. Peace and love to all, Sophie x By Sophie B. 04/11/14

What the doctor ordered

Did you realise how difficult it is for visitors to the UK to receive non-urgent medical treatment? Really I was amazed to learn how difficult it is - thank God for this clinic or otherwise my ingrowing toenail would have been left to rot! The cost of the consultation (£75) was reimbursed by my US insurance company and the medication cost a lot less than in the US. We tried the NHS clinic first but were told we would have to pay anyway and we couldn't be seen for 5 days! This clinic was just what the doctor ordered. By Tomasz F. 24/09/14

Gone but not forgotten

When we were going through a difficult time in July this clinic offered us support and access to the doctor (who we got to know very well) virtually when we needed it. The staff were friendly and understanding (complete opposite to most receptionists) and although we have now left Nottingham we are still grateful for the help we were given at that time. By Fiona J. 24/09/14

Cosmetic Surgery

Regent Street Clinic, run by Dr Bobby Ahmed, recently arranged my cosmetic surgery procedure and the whole process was smooth and exceptional. Use this service with complete confidence. By Michaela T. 24/07/14

RSC is the best .....!

Recently I had a fully body MOT at the Regent Street Clinic and the service was exceptional. From the friendly guy on reception to the medical team, i found myself at ease straight away, playing Pacman and drinking cappos before being seen! This is a very modern clinic and very down to earth, the full MOT was definitely good value for money (it identified my underactive thyroid gland) and i fully recommend it. This clinic is the daddy...!! By Lynsey V. 31/03/15

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