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Kenalog 40mg/1ml - a corticosteroid injection

Severe hay fever symptoms can ruin peoples’ summers and have a detrimental effect on quality of life and ability to work optimally.

The East Midlands of the UK is particularly affected by pollens and allergens likely to give severe symptoms, with the most likely culprits being flower pollen, silver birch and rape seed.

If you have severe symptoms that fail to respond to other treatments, it is possible to have a corticosteroidal injection at Regent Street Clinic, after discussion with our doctors/nurses in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Sheffield, Leeds and London.

Unlike corticoster­oidal tablets which are effective for only the short period of time you take them, the injection administers what doctors call ‘depot steroids’ that remain active for a longer time, whether you still require them to be in your body or not.

The injection comes with all the risk factors of tablet-form corticosteroids; in addition it can cause ‘fat atrophy’, in which a dent in your buttock appears where the injection was delivered.

In rare cases an abscess can occur at the injection site. In our experience this dimpling is uncommon, however patients are always advised that it may occur and like all administered medications, the risks of any treatment must be balanced against the potential benefit of the treatment given.

A corticosteroidal injection administered when hay fever symptoms first appear can give symptom remission that lasts for the duration of the entire pollen or allergen season.

The dose of Kenalog required to control severe symptoms is partly related to body weight, and heavier subjects will require a larger dose to ease their symptoms. Our standard doses administered are 40mg -80mg per patient per season.

The full range of treatments for hayfever should be discussed with the doctor, who will decide whether the potential benefits of corticosteroid (Kenalog) treatment for severe hayfever outweigh any risks

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Dennis G

…a 6-9 month wait for an MRI scan (of my back) on the NHS, versus 2 DAYS !!privately, as arranged by Regent Street Clinic. The discounted price because I didn’t have health insurance meant I could afford the scan and still do the Xmas shopping!! – great way to bypass long waits …

By Samantha W. 01/12/13

MRI madness….

I was lucky to find this diamond of a clinic in Nottingham when I was visiting some friends recently (I live in Berlin, Germany). Its strength is definitely the outstanding service, they made me feel like mine was the most important problem in the world and went out of their way to make me feel looked after and cared for at a frightening time. I’m going to send an invitation to come to Berlin to repay my thanks. Peace and love to all, Sophie x

By Sophie B. 04/11/14

Sophie B.

Did you realise how difficult it is for visitors to the UK to receive non-urgent medical treatment? Really I was amazed to learn how difficult it is – thank God for this clinic or otherwise my ingrowing toenail would have been left to rot! The cost of the consultation (£75) was reimbursed by my US insurance company and the medication cost a lot less than in the US. We tried the NHS clinic first but were told we would have to pay anyway and we couldn’t be seen for 5 days! This clinic was just what the doctor ordered.

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Tomasz F.

When we were going through a difficult time in July this clinic offered us support and access to the doctor (who we got to know very well) virtually when we needed it. The staff were friendly and understanding (complete opposite to most receptionists) and although we have now left Nottingham we are still grateful for the help we were given at that time.

By Fiona J. 24/09/14.

Fiona J.

This clinic is the best kept secret in Nottingham. Even though it is a private clinic, the doctor told me I didn’t need any further tests etc and instead was very ressuring that my symptoms would settle on their own (which they did!).He spent 40 minutes with me in a relaxing environment that felt non-clinical and spoke in a down to earth manner. Great value at £45 and highly recommended. (The bonus was that the doctor was a bit of alright!)

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Lauren B

This is an excellent private clinic and was very reassuring for me when I needed a quick answer (it also has the dishiest doctor in Nottingham!). Highly recommended, not expensive and easy to find, with lots of time to explore all the issues. This is just what we’ve been after in Nottingham.

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