Dr Nomy Ahmed

Dr Nomy Ahmed

Dr Nomy Ahmed is a UK born and trained primary care doctor who brings a wealth of international medical experience and clinical acumen to the chain of Regent Street Clinics.

He spent 10 years working in Dubai, United Arab Emirates as a Specialist in Aviation Medicine and Medical Review Officer for the Emirates Airline Medical Clinic.

He is a Senior AME/ MRO for the GCAA, and an AME (aviation medical examiner) for the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and CASA Australia.

He completed his Masters in Aviation Medicine in 2008 following on from his Diploma in Occupational Medicine and Family Practice training in the UK.

He previously worked as a Principle GP at a busy Family Practice in Nottingham after undertaking a working holiday in New Zealand.

Apart of Aviation Medicine, his other passions are travelling, teaching, research and preventative health strategies.

He has given lectures at internationally recognised events including the Aviation and Space Medicine Association (AsMA) annual meetings, IATA Cabin Health Conferences and International Congress on Aviation and Aerospace Science.

In 2015, Dr Nomy was awarded the prestigious Boothby –Edwards award for outstanding research and clinical practice directed at the promotion of health and prevention of disease in professional airline pilots from the Aerospace Medical Association.

Dr Nomy offers the full range of private medical services including General Practice, facial aesthetics, travel vaccinations, Occupational Health assessments and medicals. Drug and Alcohol assessments, teaching, policy reviews and consultancy services. He also undertakes EASA, CASA and GCAA Pilot and Cabin Crew medicals, assistance with return to work processes / medical boards and MRO Drug and Alcohol assessments.

His thorough, patient-centred approach to medicine, coupled with an infectious and uber friendly personality mean that he is a real favourite with private patients who wish to have their issues explored in depth and in a sympathetic manner.

Dr Nomy is the lead medical doctor at the London and Leicester clinics and is available for consultation throughout the week, including late nights and at weekends.