OGUK- Oil & Gas Medical

  • Regent Street Clinic™ offers offshore medicals (OGUK) and Norwegian shelf medicals.
  • We have been providing offshore medicals since 2002.
  • We offer the following services”
  • OGUK Offshore Medical
  • Chester Step test
  • Drug and Alcohol Screening
  • Travel vaccinations and anti-malarials
  • Pre-employment medical assessments
  • ECG (heart tracing)
  • Spirometry (lung function testing)

OGUK medicals only £250

We offer an easy access service for people requiring offshore certification, either privately or via referral from employers.

Please remember to bring photographic identification (ID) with you, such as a passport or driving licence or your vintage card.

Please allow 45-60 minutes from attendance to completion of the medical assessment, which includes the following:


Medical examination – blood pressure, height, weight, body mass index, circulation, lungs, musculoskeletal system, skin, neurological system and gastrointestinal examination.

  • Vision testing including colour vision test
  • Urine analysis
  • Urine drug of abuse screen
  • Hearing test (audiometry)
  • Lung function testing (spirometry)

Please bring with you all information relating to your NHS medical records (from your GP surgery).

The OGUK certificate is valid for 2 years from the date of issue for all age brackets.

THE CHESTER STEP TEST – a reliable way to gauge your fitness


  • The Chester Step Test is an effective way to assess a person’s fitness levels by determining the rate of recovery following intense exercise.
  • The test itself is called a sub-maximal test which requires the candidate to step up onto a step which is 25-30cm (10-12 inches) in height.
  • Once on the step with both feet the candidate will then step back off the step before repeating the movements in time with a metronome which is supplied as part of the Chester Step test package.
  • The Chester Step test is multi-staged which means that, with each level of increase, the speed in which the candidate has to step up and off the step increases.
  • The pack comes complete with a chart and graph which is used to determine the level of fitness in line with each stage progressed to.
  • Our staff at Regent Street Clinic™ will be delighted to guide you through the procedure to perform the Chester Step Test and will provide you with the results of the test at the same appointment so that you can take the report away with you.