Dr Bobby Ahmed – Founder, CEO and Medical Director

Dr Bobby Ahmed is the Founder, CEO and Medical Director at Regent Street Clinic™ Group, which has branches across the UK and Dubai.

He is a Nottingham University graduate, UK born and educated, and has trained in the fields of primary care (GP), aesthetics/cosmetic medicine, occupational health, sexual health and travel medicine.

Dr Bobby has an experienced, problem-solving approach to medical practice and combines his conventional medical training with a holistic and functional/integrative approach. He is super friendly and popular. His warm, down to earth and sympathetic personality complements the patient-centred ethos of the clinic perfectly.

He is a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners (MRCGP) and the British College of Aesthetics Medicine (BCAM). He also holds Diplomas in Occupational Medicine (DOccMed) and Travel Medicine (AFTM RCPS (Glasg)).

Dr Bobby lives in Nottingham and Dubai splitting his time equally between the two.

It is in Nottingham that the flagship clinic at 2 Regent Street was established, shortly after he completed his medical training at Nottingham University. He has recently set up a Wellbeing and Lifestyle Medicine Clinic incorporating the discipline of nutrigenomics and precision DNA studies in Dubai which launched in March 2021.

Dr Bobby is a keen speaker on the History of Medicine and welcomes students keen to get an insight into the fascinating world of Medicine.

He runs a Training Academy and is involved in the teaching of Aesthetics Medicine and Travel Medicine to medical colleagues.

Dr Bobby undergoes regular (annual) appraisals through the Independent Doctors’ Federation (IDF). He has successfully been revalidated for the next 5 years by the General Medical Council, until January 2025.

Dr Bobby has always been keen to support voluntary associations as well as local and global charities. He has constantly ensured that the clinic supports charitable work and embraces its corporate responsibility.

Outside of medicine, Dr Bobby has travelled extensively, including time spent researching HIV/AIDS in the Bahamas (Princess Margaret Hospital) as well as South East Asia, Australia, South America and the Caribbean. He is a keen sportsman, cyclist, sun-chaser and plant-based exponent/semi-skilled cook.

Dr Bobby consults at the clinic in Nottingham. Consultations are unhurried and he takes a holistic approach to healthcare. Patients are welcome to discuss any health-related issues that are causing concern.

Dr Bobby has always espoused the importance of a strong patient-doctor relationship and takes great strides to make himself available for his private patients, many of whom have become close friends over the years.

Dr Bobby has built up close relationships with local consultants and secondary care providers over the years so that patients can be sure that their concerns can be addressed by the very best medical practitioners in each location, nationally and even internationally.

Follow Dr Bobby on Instagram @dr.bobbyahmed and TikTok @drbobbyahmed