Online Consultation

Online Consultation

Booking an appointment is quite simple. Please click ‘Book Online’ from the header area and select a day and time that suits you. You will need to provide your name, date of birth, email address and phone number. Payment is requested at the end of the booking resulting in you receiving a booking confirmation email and link to your video consultation with your doctor.

The doctor is likely to ask details of your history and view the affected area (if deemed appropriate). Intimate areas are not examined as part of the video consultation. Based on the information provided, the doctor will assess or prescribe you with the required outcome.

If you would like to be seen face to face, you are able to be seen by a doctor at any one of the Regent Street Clinic™ locations in Nottingham, Sheffield, Leicester, Derby, Liverpool, Norwich, Wakefield, Lincoln, Newcastle, Birmingham & London . This will give the peace of mind and continuity of care that you deserve.

If we need to arrange for a blood test or it is deemed that a further visit is required, we are able to arrange for our team to visit you at your home.

You can use iPhone, iPad, Android Devices, Lap tops/Desktops and PC’s

Your medical information is not disclosed to anyone including your own NHS GP without your consent unless there is a risk to yourself or others. Details are treated with the upmost confidentiality as if you were attending a clinic appointment.

Regent Street Clinic™ is regulated by the Care Quality Commission and all our UK trained doctors are on the General Medical Council professional register.

Regent Street Clinic™ will be shown on your bank statement but the details of the appointment are not disclosed at any time.

If you are prescribed with a prescription during the consultation, the doctor will email over the prescription that you can then obtain from any pharmacy. The original prescription will be sent to you via the post as most pharmacies ask to see an ink signed script.

To ensure continuity of care in the future and ensure all your records are stored in one place, we would share significant medical findings with your NHS GP (if you have one) only with your consent. If you choose not to then please let the GP know during your consultation. If you are being referred for specialist treatment or scans we may also need to share medical information then.

We work alongside your NHS GP and do not advise you to de-register from them.

We have doctors assisted by team of nurses and phlebotomists who will be able to call and assist you.

We are available to answer queries on the phone (0333 455 9070) or via email ( and our team is always happy to help and readily available to answer any queries you may have.