About Regent Street Clinic™

About Regent Street Clinic™

Regent Street Clinic™ is a group of “same day” private medical clinics with centres across the UK, offering a range of primary care medical services, including private GP, travel vaccinations, sexual health, occupational health, wellbeing medicine and advanced medical/facial aesthetics.

Our raison d’être has always been based on service provision – seeing those with healthcare needs when they need it, without delay, and optimising outcomes.

We see around 40,000 patients per year and have cared for over half a million patients over the past twenty years, making us one of the most experienced private medical facilities in the UK.

We aim to work in a spirit of harmonious co-operation with the NHS and to offer choice to patients in an open, friendly and non-judgmental manner.

Today we have a chain of busy private medical clinics located in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Sheffield, Leeds, Watford, Birmingham & London.

We aim to work in a spirit of harmonious co-operation with the NHS, a fabulous service that we celebrate, and to offer choice to patients in an open, friendly and non-judgmental manner.

Regent Street Clinic™ extends a warm welcome to you.

About our practice

  1. Private General Practice Services
  2. Travel health/ vaccinations through our TravelDoc™ clinic
  3. Occupational health and health screening
  4. Sexual health medicine – screening, testing and management
  5. Cosmetic, aesthetic and anti-ageing treatments through Regent Street Aesthetics™ – including Botox®, dermal fillers, lip fillers, Profhilo®, Sculptra®, CoolSculpting® and PDO thread lifts
  6. Elite sports medicine through our GYM Doctor service.
  7. Radiology services including X-rays, MRI and CT scans, as well as MRI/CT scans and X-rays.
  8. Offshore (OGUK) medicals and Norwegian shelf medicals
  9. Wellbeing/functional medicine
  10. All enquiries relating to the practice should be addressed to the
    Group Practice Manager, Mr Saleem Azam, in the first instance.
  11. The clinics are Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered and inspected.
  12. Quality certification: ISO 27001 Accredited in May 2013

Clinical Staff


Dr Bobby Ahmed
FRSPH (Fellow) AFTM RCPS (Glasg)

Dr Nomy Ahmed

Dr Lilli Paterson

Dr Iyad Almashharawi

Mental Health/CBT therapists
Lisa Wakefield

Nursing Staff
Demi-Lee Marren: RGN
Matt Timms: BMed Sci, MSc
Independent Nurse Prescriber & Aesthetics Nurse

Aesthetician & Skin Consultant
Megan Robinson

Non-Clinical Staff

  • Group Manager: Saleem Azam
  • Deputy Group Manager: Kirsty Irving
  • CQC Manager: Bhavin Vadhia
  • IT/ Web Manager: Mansoor Minhas
  • Call centre Manager: Nicole Holmes
  • Senior Travel Health Consultant: Corrie Kaur
  • Clinic Administrator / Co-ordinator: Lauren Downes
  • Clinic Co-ordinator: Laura Haslum
  • Clinic Co-ordinator: Gemma Smith
  • Clinic Co-ordinator: Georgia Naish Williams
  • Clinic Co-ordinator: Coral Wild
  • Clinic Co-ordinator: Nardeep Singh
  • Clinic Co-ordinator: Dora Takacs
  • Clinic Administrator: Poppy Greatorex
  • Clinic Administrator: Chelcie Ingle
  • Clinic Administrator: Olivia Cook
  • Clinic Administrator: Amber Lambert
  • Clinic Administrator: Tia Hithersay
  • Clinic Administrator: Shannon Taylor
  • Clinic Administrator: Haaris Ahmed
  • Finance: William Oates @ Brooks Mayfield
  • Accounts/Bookkeeper: Bubbley Minhas
  • Legal: Kerry Elliott @ SYP LAW
  • Clinic Ambassador & Business Mentor: Gary Dutton MBE
  • Caretaker/Site manager: Karol Kalbarczyk
  • Caretaker/Domestic Services : Olga Kalbarczyk

Our Team

Dr Bobby Ahmed

Dr Nomy Ahmed

Dr Lilli Paterson

Dr Iyad Almashharawi

Demi-Lee Marren RGN

Matt Timms RGN

Lisa Wakefield

Saleem Azam

Kirsty Irving

Bhavin Vadhia

Nicole Holmes

Corrie Kaur

Lauren Downes

Laura Haslum

Geema Smith

Nardeep Singh

Georgia Nash Williams

Coral Wild

Dora Takacs

Chelcie Ingle

Poppy Greatores


Harris Ahmed

Olivia Cook

Tia Hithersay

Shannon Taylor

Mansoor Minhas

William Oates

Bubbley Minhas

Olga Kalbarczyk

Karol Kalbarczyk