Hay Fever Treatment Liverpool

Hay Fever Treatment – help for severe sufferers in Liverpool and Merseyside


Hay Fever Treatment (including intramuscular administration)

Severe hay fever is an unpleasant allergic condition that can be a real problem for extreme sufferers, especially in certain parts of the UK where the allergen count tends to be high-whether it is flower pollen (such as rapeseed) or tree pollen (such as silver birch).

Apparently, there are 3 billion trees in the UK, that’s 47 trees for every Briton.

Our medical team at Regent Street Clinic™ will evaluate the most suitable treatment option for all severe sufferers and will give practical advice on measures you can take to lower the burden of high pollen counts. We pride ourselves on having helped endless sufferers with alternatives other than tablets, including steroids and triamcinolone for very severe symptoms.

We also offer advice on allergy testing, using immunotherapy medications and seeking help from consultants in allergy medicine. We look forward to helping you to manage your debilitating condition, as we have done over the past 25 years.

If you have severe symptoms, please book an appointment with our specialist team who can advise with other options available.

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