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This lady with thin lips had ‘always dreamed’ of fuller lips but was apprehensive about the ‘trout pouts’ she had seen in the media. She was informed about the non-permanent nature of our products used and that the result was likely to last for up to 12 months. She was treated with Juvederm Ultra Smile 0.55ml, just one syringe, to the upper and lower lips to create and achieve a subtle, fuller, aesthetically pleasing result. She was absolutely delighted with her newly enhanced lips and left the clinic with a cheeky pouted kiss!.

This lady attended for fillers to treat her deep wrinkle above the right eyebrow which had been concerning her. She was assessed by our aesthetics co-ordinator and advised that the appropriate treatment would be dermal fillers. Not only would this help to address the actual cause of the deep wrinkle, but it would last for longer (typically 12 months) and would give her an ‘instant’ improvement in terms of softening the line. She was treated with Juvederm (a hyaluronic acid based dermal filler) and the result was very striking. She was so delighted she returned subsequently to have others treated around her frown lines too, with equally impressive results.

This lady presented with a SCAR above her right eyebrow which was over 20 years old, and for which she had been told there was “no treatment”. She was advised that a high particle size dermal filler was likely to improve the aesthetic appearance of the scar and she was treated with 0.55 ml of Juvederm Ultra 3. The improved result was immediate and very impressive. She was absolutely thrilled with the improvement. Dermal fillers often contain anaesthetic and are therefore far less painful and better tolerated than people imagine. This includes dermal fillers used to enhance lips. Our medical aesthetics team take great pride in ensuring patient comfort and care.

This lady was a heavy smoker and had prominent lines around her mouth (‘perioral line’). She knew that the preferred treatment option for this condition was a dermal filler to the top lip but was worried about the result looking natural. She was treated with Juvederm Ultra Smile x 0.55ml to the top lip and there was an immediate softening of the appearance of the perioral lines and a more aesthetically pleasing upper lip as a bonus. She was encouraged strongly to stop smoking and the result is likely to last 9-12 months.

This lady attended for advice on her tear troughs. She was advised that a dermal filler would be an appropriate intervention, in particular a product from the Juvederm range called Juvederm Hydrate. She had a 1ml syringe of treatment to each eye area and the result was a very pleasing softening and filling of the affected area. The result is likely to last 6-9 months, in which time the area will have been stimulated by the hyaluronic acid (collagen) and mannitol (anti-oxidant) in the product, resulting in continued rejuvenation and improvement of the treated area even in the long-term.

This lady had two syringes (2 x 0.8ml) of Juvederm dermal filler to treat the deep lines on her right cheek. Immediately post-injection the filler was massaged unto the dermal layer for a few minutes, a technique which helps the immediate relocation of the hyaluronic acid into the deeper tissues, creating a smooth, aesthetically pleasing result. This treatment will need to be repeated in around 9 months and the eventual result is likely to be stunning.

This lady had very deep lines across the whole of the forehead, despite being only 30 years of age. Amazingly, the ‘before’ photograph is taken at rest and shows what we call deep STATIC wrinkles/lines (lines visible at rest). She was treated with two syringes of a high grade particulate dermal filler which contained local anaesthetic (Restylane with lidocaine) and whilst the result 4 weeks later still shows visible forehead lines, the result is already much softer. This lady will need further treatment and the full rejuvenation of the forehead will probably take a number of months to complete. When static lines are this deep, the treatment of choice has gone beyond fillers and requires formal address and correction with an appropriate hyaluronic acid based dermal filler.

Fillers works best for fine lines and DYNAMIC wrinkles (which show when the muscles are contracted). Deep static lines should always be considered for treatment with dermal fillers.

This lady had superficial lines extending down from the crow’s feet and covering the whole of the cheeks, towards the chin area. She was treated with a brand new preparation, Juvederm Hydrate, which is essentially the first injectable combination of hyaluronic acid (dermal filler), a moisturiser and an antioxidant (Mannitol 0.9%), given with an ultra-fine needle. The immediate result was quite stunning. She can expect her skin in the treated areas to be rejuvenated, the lines to be much softer for up to 12 months, and the skin overall to recapture its former lustre and glow. Juvederm hydrate is particularly indicated for areas where the skin is delicate or crepe-like, for example the neck, the back of the hands,the decolletage and around the eyes.

This lady had quite pronounced post-menopausaol volume loss affecting her cheeks. She was treated with 4 syringes of Juvederm (two to each side of the face) and the result was an impressive re-volumisation and a softening of the creases. Dermal fillers are a rejuvenating treatment that stimulate new collagen production as well as adding volume to the dermis. This lady will need to have a top up in 6-9 months time and her result will continue to improve.

This lady had a very deep and extensive frown line (glabellar crease) she was advised that given that this was an established and deep depression, she would be better off opting for a high particle grade dermal filler instead. She was treated with a syringe (0.8ml) of Succev Three and the result was immediately apparent. Dermal fillers aim to address the actual cause of the issue rather than just ‘freezing’ the underlying muscle, and offer a longer-lasting, rejuvenating and progressive solution.

This lady had been a smoker for over 40 years and presented with typical deep lower peri-oral and “Marionette” lines around the lower mouth area. She was treated with four syringes of a high viscosity dermal filler (Succeev 3) and there was an immediate softening of the deep lines, to leave a pleasing post-treatment result. She was delighted with the improvement and advised to drink plenty of water in the 48 hrs after treatment, which is helpful for continued hydration of the treated area. She will return for a top-up in 9-12 months’ time.

Treatment by using Juverderm Hydrate dermal filler, which results in a rejuvenation of the affected areas around the eyes by replacing the lost collagen (hyaluronic acid) and moisturising under the skin in the layer known as the dermis. This is also the layer that houses the fibroblasts, which are the cells that make new collagen, and the dermal filler treatment leads to a stimulation of these cells which means that the client’s own skin continues to make new collagen, even when these non-permanent dermal fillers have been absorbed and broken down. The result of her treatment was fabulous and will need to be repeated in around 9 months. Each treatment results in a further improvement of the affected area which is why dermal filler treatments have gained such popularity in recent years. The results speak for themselves and the final result is a natural, softer look that is discreet and fresh.

This lady had lost volume in her cheeks and felt in the past couple of years that ‘everything’s moving south!’. She was post-menopausal and a smoker. The malor fat pads in her cheeks had thinned and she was showing signs of separation of the malor fat pads with volume depletion. She received one syringe of high viscosity dermal filler (Juvederm Ultra Four) to each cheek area and there was an almost immediate filling of the cheek, giving a pleasing result which made her look more youthful.This type of facial contouring treatment involves  a more advanced technique and has gained great popularity, due partly to the fact that the procedure is virtually pain-free and tends to leave very little in the way of bruising or swelling. This treatment also lifts the pressure away from the naso-labial region and leads to a softening of the naso-labial lines as a result. The result is a subtle enhancement and is expected to need a top-up in 9-12 months’ time.

Naso-labial lines are the commonest area treated with a dermal filler. The result is s subtle softening of the lines and the results tend to last for around 9 months. Every time the area is treated, there will be an improvement in the aesthetic appearance of the lines. Not only does the dermal filler physically fill the depressions, but there is also the auto correction associated with increased collagen production from the stimulated fibroblast cells in the dermis layer. Such rejuvenation will leave a long-lasting result.

We used dermal filler as the lines were already established and deep. She was treated with four syringes of Juvederm Three and the immediate result was very impressive and represents an actual rejuvenation of the treated area. She is planned to return for a top-up in 9-12 months time and will probably need 3-4 treatments in total.

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