Vali Kaur – Senior Practice Nurse/ CQC Manager

Vali Kaur is the senior national lead nurse and registered CQC manager at Regent Street Clinic.

Vali has worked with distinction within the healthcare sector for fourteen years, starting her role in NHS A&E departments and subsequently in general medicine in an administrative and managerial role as Patient Flow Coordinator for a Major Trauma NHS Foundation Trust. She then progressed in to a clinical role within the paediatric fields working on various wards caring for sick children.

Vali graduated from the University of Nottingham and worked in Peadiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for three years.

In this time she also qualified In advanced aesthetics leading her to develop her passion for facial and body rejuvenation treatments to an advanced level. Vali trained in body contouring in Dubai in 2022 and now offers a range of body treatments and corrections.

In her managerial role, Vali is the registered Care Quality Commissioner Manager for Regent Street Clinic. Her responsibilities include governance, monitoring performance and the delivery of providing high quality healthcare using up to date guidance and legislation.

Vali has further developed her primary care skillset to include advanced training in functional and wellbeing medicine.

Vali has a specialist interest in preventative, integrative and functional  healthcare using a holistic and patient-centred approach. She pioneered the development of the Regent Street Clinic Superscreen which uses nutrigenomics to provide a bespoke and precision medicine based assessment of current health status leading to interventions aimed at health optimisation.

Vali offers the full range of womens’ health services including cervical screening, contraception and menopause.

Vali has been described as a tenacious and diligent clinician who’s industry and clinical acumen is unparalleled. She is very popular with patients and colleagues given her amicable and down-to-earth style, making her an absolute gem in the Regent Street Clinic ecosystem.

Vali is available six days per week at the Nottingham clinic. Follow Vali on instagram @vali_regentstreetclinic and TikTok @nursekaur