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Alcohol Rehab

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Private, discrete home detoxification service

We offer a specific alcohol-related assessment aimed at identifying those with problem drinking and alcohol dependancy.

Often people have realised that their alcohol intake has exceeded healthy limits and it is sometimes difficult to know where to turn.

Our clinics in Nottingham, Derby and Leicester off a range of interventions aimed at helping problem drinkers make a positive and long-lasting change towards leading a healthier life away from alcohol.

Our doctors are specially trained in primary care level interventions for excessive drinkers and offer a sympathetic, caring approach to tackling this issue robustly.

Home detoxification service

Home detoxification with the help of your private GP Our GPs are happy to prescribe for a home detox from alcohol. A common plan is as follows: The doctor will prescribe a high dose of medication for the first day that you stop drinking alcohol. The medication most commonly prescribed is chlordizepoxide at a dose of 10-20mg four times per day. You then gradually reduce the dose over the next 5-7 days. This usually prevents, or greatly reduces, the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. You must agree not to drink any alcohol when you are going through detox. A breathalyser may be used to confirm that you are not drinking.

The doctor will usually see you quite often during the time of detox, usually every other day. Also during detox, support from family or friends can be of great help. Often the responsibility for getting the prescription and giving the detox medicine is shared with a family member or friend. For example, a partner or parent of the person going through the detox.

A small step towards recovery is giant progress

How the alcohol service works:

An appointment is made with a private doctor to undergo an alcohol screening assessment (AUDIT).

Blood tests are taken to check for signs of liver damage and other health-related issues emanating from the excessive intake.

A brief intervention is undertaken for those felt to be below the threshold for heavy/severe alcohol intake or alcohol dependancy.

A home detoxification (detox) programme is initiated followed by CBT (cognitive and behavioural therapy) for candidates assessed as having a severe and harmful intake. Such clients must have alcohol dependancy and be deemded by the doctor as being suitable for a home detox. These clients must warrant to undertake the CBT maintenance therapy as a way of achieving long-lasting behavioural changes.

Consideration will be given for an in-patient stay at one of our private rehabilitation units across the country for those with alcohol dependancy who are not suitable for a home detoxification. Typically a stay will last between 2-4 weeks.

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What people are

…a 6-9 month wait for an MRI scan (of my back) on the NHS, versus 2 DAYS !! privately, as arranged by Regent Street Clinic. The discounted price because I didn’t have health insurance meant I could afford the scan and still do the Xmas shopping!! – great way to bypass long waits …

By Samantha W.

MRI madness….

I was lucky to find this diamond of a clinic in Nottingham when I was visiting some friends recently (I live in Berlin, Germany). Its strength is definitely the outstanding service, they made me feel like mine was the most important problem in the world and went out of their way to make me feel looked after and cared for at a frightening time. I’m going to send an invitation to come to Berlin to repay my thanks. Peace and love to all.

By Sophie B.

Sophie B.

When we were going through a difficult time in July this clinic offered us support and access to the doctor (who we got to know very well) virtually when we needed it. The staff was friendly and understanding (complete opposite to most receptionists) and although we have now left Nottingham we are still grateful for the help we were given at that time.

By Fiona J.

Fiona J.

This is an excellent private clinic and was very reassuring for me when I needed a quick answer (it also has the dishiest doctor in Nottingham!). Highly recommended, not expensive and easy to find, with lots of time to explore all the issues. This is just what we’ve been after in Nottingham.

By Sonia J.

Sonia J

This clinic is the best kept secret in Nottingham. Even though it is a private clinic, the doctor told me I didn’t need any further tests etc and instead was very reassuring that my symptoms would settle on their own (which they did!).He spent 40 minutes with me in a relaxing environment that felt non-clinical and spoke in a down to earth manner. Great value at £95 and highly recommended. (The bonus was that the doctor was a bit of alright!)

By Lauren B.

Lauren B

Did you realise how difficult it is for visitors to the UK to receive non-urgent medical treatment? Really I was amazed to learn how difficult it is – thank God for this clinic or otherwise, my ingrowing toenail would have been left to rot! The cost of the consultation (£95) was reimbursed by my US insurance company and the medication cost a lot less than in the US. We tried the NHS clinic first but were told we would have to pay anyway and we couldn’t be seen for 5 days! This clinic was just what the doctor ordered.

By Tomasz F.

Tomasz F.

I’m off travelling the world next year so the TravelDoc is the perfect place for your jabs. The time to suit you, and all over in a matter of minutes. He’s also going to sponsor one of my charities – what a star!

By Dennis G.

Dennis G