Radiology And Scans

Prevention is always better than cure

Our total body screening assessment covers the following areas for detailed examination: Skull and brain (MRI Scan) The possible risks of cerebral infarct/ brain haemorrhage Benign and malignant tumours Infections Obstructions or changes in the forms of the major blood vessels.

Heart assessment with an exercise treadmill ECG (electrocardiogram) – looking for signs of ischaemic heart disease (angina)

Examination of the lungs with a ‘peak flow examination’ and spirometry, including:
FEV1/FVC ratio

Male/Female pelvis (lower abdomen) (MRI Scan)

Description of the organs of the lower abdomen such as the bladder, prostate,the uterus and the ovaries (gynaecological system). The tracing of tumours , external changes and a prolapsed bladder. Tracing of cysts; recognition of enlargement of the lymph glands. Condition of the aorta. Control of the lower spinal column, the pelvis and hip joints. Complete laboratory tests (blood and urine), including: Total cholesterol HDL lipids, Thyroid function tests, LDL lipids, Serum iron, Triglyceride lipids, Serum calcium, Fasting glucose, Serum phosphate. Complete blood count PSA (prostate test). Haematology including ESR. Biochemistry Liver function tests .Kidney function tests. Stool culture and testing for signs of bowel cancer (blood in the stool known as Faecal Ocult Blood, FOB).

MRI Screenings

Our total body screening assessment uses state-of-the-art MRI imaging that is non-radiating (as opposed to CT scanning). Our 3-part private MRI scan of the body includes the brain, abdomen and pelvis, and is complemented by an exercise treadmill ECG test (for angina), lung function assessment and a comprehensive laboratory testing of blood, stool and urine.

Our private MRI scans are done locally in Nottingham at our private MRI unit, and the results are typically available within 2 – 3 days, having been reported by the various Consultant radiologists specialising in each area assessed. Our private MRI scan in the UK will include detailed examinations of the: Brain Upper abdomen – including liver, kidneys, spleen, pancreas, aorta, blood vessels Male/female pelvis (lower abdomen).

For further information on a full body MRI scan and more, or to speak to a private doctor in Nottingham, call us on 0333 455 9070.