Looking for a discreet and satisfying walk-in private GP service? Look no further than the Regent Street Clinic for all your GP appointment needs.


Our team of private GPs and nurses includes both male and female clinicians who understand that when it comes to your health, there are times when you just need to address your health concern or worry as soon as possible and without delay.


Same Day Private GP Appointments


Most patients prefer same-day private gp services, simply because of the convenience, privacy and quality they offer. At Regent Street Clinic™, we offer patients the chance to get diagnosed and receive faster solutions without worrying about confidentiality.


The Regent Street Clinic™ was established in 1998 and has clinics in Nottingham and Sheffield. It provides services 6 days a week till 6PM. Generally, the process is simple and requires no advance appointments.


Why Choose Same-Day Private GP Services With Regent Street Clinic?


·        Privacy

When you opt for our services, including screenings, diagnosis, tests, treatments and more, you don’t have to worry about confidentiality. Besides this, the patients have the option to seek treatments with utmost privacy and in the quickest way possible by a doctor they deem best to handle their case.


·        Prompt service

Patients at Regent Street Clinic™ receive necessary care without having to wait for days. The care is provided on immediate basis by doctors who have vast experience of handling various conditions. Doctors and health professionals provide sufficient time for a thorough diagnosis and offer a proper follow up in a personalized environment.


·        Excellent Care

Most Private GP have NHS experience and adhere to industry standards. Hence, the end-result is a smooth, seamless and adequately fast service with a doctor who knows how to offer services in a comfortable environment.


Private GP Clinic

What does Regent Street Clinic™ Offer?


Our medical services are of high quality and personalized for a comfortable experience. Our same-day Private GP services are suitable to treat medical conditions that require immediate treatment.  Besides this, our services are ideal for gathering professional opinions.


The array of services offered at Regent Street clinic™ include, but are not limited to, detoxification services, hay fever injections, and cervical smearing tests. Besides this, we also address patients’ general health concerns and carry out urine analyses, blood screenings, and more. Because we want the best for our patients, we try our best to provide the test results within two to three working days.


For those tired of signs of aging, our clinic also offers non-invasive medical aesthetics for a natural-looking, youthful glow. If you are planning a vacation and need to keep your loved ones safe, our travel medicine and vaccinations can keep you safe.


When you need fast medical assistance at affordable prices, the Regent Street Clinic never fails to deliver.

Regent Street clinics™ are located in Nottingham, Sheffield, Leicester, Birmingham, Derby, West Yorkshire and Liverpool, providing a full range of private GP health care services for all your needs.


Regent Street Clinic™


We understand that your busy lives need medical services at your convenience. This is why Regent Street Clinic™ is open 6 days a week. Our opening hours are Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm and Saturday from 9am to 12 noon. We do not offer out of hours facilities; however, we do offer a same day private GP service. We are here to meet your needs and our times are designed to suit most patients. If you need to see a private GP don’t hesitate to book an appointment.


Private Clinic

Our high quality private services include: sexual health testing, health screening, a full range of medical facial aesthetics treatments and travel vaccinations. Our services extend beyond these to provide: laboratory investigations, private blood tests, X-rays, CT/MRI scans, ultrasound scans, OGUK (offshore) medicals and occupational health for companies. It is our aim and belief to give our patients a comprehensive service to meet all your healthcare requirements.


Our philosophy is to be available when our clients need us. Our experienced professional team see around 40,000 patients each year in our private clinics. For over twenty years, Regent Street Clinic™ has cared for and treated over half a million patients. This makes us one of the most experienced private medical facilities in the UK. We have used our extensive knowledge and background to provide an exceptional level of private healthcare service whatever your needs.


Regent Street Clinic™ is there to meet your healthcare needs. We do not seek to replace the NHS GP provision. In fact, we consider the NHS model to be admirable and we endeavour to work in harmony with it. Our ethos is to endeavour to be a patient centred organisation. We care about your opinion and all our private GP practitioners will treat you with respect and dignity. Likewise, we value your feedback as we continually strive to improve, enhance and refine all that we offer. With over 20 years in private healthcare, Regent Street Clinic™ has an established and dependable reputation.